By nurturing a workplace environment and company culture where people can fulfill their potential and purpose, we help businesses reach their performance goals with harmony and consistency, for good.

We know it is possible to feel challenged, and not overwhelmed, and a more serene outlook, focusing on emotional intelligence skills, supported by key management actions, will help generate a real, sustainable impact on your organisation.

  • research conducted by TalentSmart found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control.

  • ​A recent Mental Health at Work Report by Mind Share Partners identified the most desired resources are a more open and accepting culture, clearer information, and training.

Transform your entire organisation with our unique Values System

Increase your organisation's performance, improve your team's engagement and boost your culture cohesion.

A smart approach that helps you understand your current state and takes all your team on a 12-week learning journey to continuously improve, under a coordinated cadence of actions to reach outstanding results.

Stress can be toxic, and have hugely damaging effects on morale, productivity and turnover – all of which contribute to a company’s overall success.


So taming stress should be of the highest priority for any business. The good news is yes, stress can be toxic, but calm is extremely contagious. We all have the ability to alter each others' emotional state as we're constantly affected by others and how they feel.

Tangible Benefits

Experience improved results under all three pillars of Organisational Wellbeing.


Engagement & Culture

Generate an increased sense of purpose.​

Reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, boost engagement and enjoy your days at work.


Excellence & Reputation

Enable personal development and up-skill your team.​

Improve NPS, get better results in quality audits and wow your customers with authentic services. 


Performance & Growth

Continuously improve under a structured framework.

Increase gross revenue, reduce costs and have a team that is committed to your company's success.

The facts

How it works

The Be.Serene Programme is unique, so get in touch to book a non-commitment walk-through of the programme and clarify all your questions before signing up.

About the
Value Lessons

The Be.Serene Programme is anchored in weekly online learning modules about 10 core human values, key to nurture serene, high-performing work environments.

Split into daily 15-minute bite-sized lessons, we help baseline the knowledge within the organisation, so everyone learns to recognise their individual ability to become a positive influence and achieve greater results as a team. 


Flexible schedule

15-min per work-day

Lessons completed at 

individual pace


100% Online

Independent learning

Easy access on mobile

or desktop


Blended content

Videos, downloads,

self assessments, 

reading material and more.

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Group Journey

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Are you a leader or entrepreneur looking to share experiences and learn alongside other professionals? 

Join the wait-list for our next group and, over a 12-week period, learn alongside a community of like-minded people who are also committed to building more positive, productive and serene work environments, for personal and business success.

Focus on your self-development and wellbeing.

One final thing...

The Be.Serene Programme was developed by Benessere's founder Carina Martins Nakama, based on her 20-year successful track record as a leader in organisations.

After developing numerous in-house initiatives to effectively balance people, quality and profit results as a General Manager and Director, Carina started to envision a cost-effective solution, to impact more people and organisations.

She knew that to achieve positive, long lasting change, this new solution would have to take all the team on a transformative journey, to truly embed positive values and help develop more assertive and serene leaders. 

Carina believes that shifting behaviours and improving performance don't happen by chance or overnight - it's the result of consistent and focused effort, a continuous improvement mindset and a strategic plan.

Her remarkable breath of experience combined with an approachable leadership style and genuine willingness to help people and businesses thrive are at the heart of the services she offers through Benessere.

Carolina Prado
SPA Manager

Carina is a generous leader, who guides her employees without taking away their space to be proactive. She has a balanced personality and knows how to handle very different profiles.

Alistair Risk
Hotel General Manager

Carina has a very human leadership style, bringing her people with her on her journey. Authentic, personable, long term strategic thinker. An asset to any organisation.

Renata Martins
HR and L&D

Carina has the great ability to work under pressure and knows how to handle difficult situations, always with ethic. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work and very much focused on results.

Stephanie Bird
Chief Financial Officer

Carina has an innate ability to quickly see what is required to move an organization to the next level. Her consideration of all individuals in the organization speaks volumes to her high EQ and leadership style/capabilities.

Arancha Santos
Accounts Director

Carina consistently demonstrated solid work ethic and dedication to success. She is reliable and inspiring, committed to push forward the organization by efficiently prioritizing business goals.