T​uesday, 29th of June, 3pm to 5pm (GMT)

Diversity and Inclusion Beyond Compliance

with Tanya Lee, Be.Serene Diversity Ambassador

The Ambassador Workshops are open to all leaders enrolled in the

Be.Serene 12 Values Journey - Advanced Course.

They share their expertise through exclusive workshops, deep diving on the Value of each month to further support and inspire you to achieve outstanding results. 

This interactive workshop provides participants with practical knowledge skills and awareness to nurture and champion fair non-discriminatory practise.

It focuses on responsibilities, behaviours and actions beyond legal compliance, so you feel challenged to take action and build diverse and inclusive teams to achieve greater success.

Diversity and Inclusion – Not just a tick box exercise

  • What is Diversity and who does it protect?

  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

  • Impacts of discrimination to organisational success


Keeping it legal…. And beyond

  • Acknowledge local legal compliance

  • Moving beyond compliance to moral and business benefits


Hidden Prejudices – Unconscious Bias

  • Understanding when and why we make decisions/choices that discriminate against one group

  • Raising bias from unconscious to conscious level

Tanya Lee

About Tanya Lee

Be.Serene Diversity Ambassador
Emperor Coaching founder and  Partner at CWC-Consortium

Tanya values diversity and has built and nurtured cross regional diverse teams to deliver large transformation initiatives.

She has a strong cultural appreciation having lived in four different countries and has worked across regions including APAC, LATAM, NA and EMEA

Tanya believes that businesses will achieve great success through investing in coaching and people development.

  • Tanya Lee
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Watch our chat with Tanya and read her article on Diversity below