Be.Serene Programme

Frequently Asked Questions


Who gets involved?

We believe that learning together is extremely powerful. So, to shift companies’ environments for the better and truly develop more engaged teams, the Be.Serene Programme is inclusive and accessible to all in the organisation. We believe everyone has a role to play in workplace wellbeing and achieving the organisation’s results, which is why we encourage open communication and the exchange of ideas across all levels. If you would like to enroll only some leaders in the programme, then learn more about the Be.Serene Group Journey.

How long does the program last?

This is a 12-week programme where we explore one Be.Serene Value per week, introducing and strengthening new habits, attitudes, and processes in a gradual and consistent way. After these initial 12 weeks, we encourage organisations to continue practicing the Values, and to encourage that we extend the access to our online courses for an additional 12 weeks. There are no easy fixes when it comes to changing habits and behaviours, so this programme offers a proven method to help make significant systemic progress long term, to positively influence the organisation’s cultural traits for good.

What happens after the 12 weeks?

At the end of the programme, there is the option to extend the online course licenses and the support for the Serenity Pulse Surveys and Leadership Workshops in pre-defined cycles, so that these practices and lessons remain embedded within your organisation, becoming part of your business-as-usual routines.

What are the Value Champions Rewards?

At the end of the programme, your team is invited to nominate colleagues who they believe best represent each Value, and we also acknowledge those who completed all lessons. They receive a token of appreciation from Benessere with a personalised letter, and we encourage the organisation to set up an incentive as well.

What is the Serenity Pulse Survey?

This is a questionnaire we send out to all your team to get a pulse on how the 10 Values from the Be.Serene Programme are being felt within your organisation, providing you with a diagnostic and basis for action plans within the Leadership Workshops. The assessment is applied at the beginning and at the end of the programme.

What is the Onboarding Session?

The Onboarding session is a dedicated meeting between your team and Carina Martins Nakama, founder of Benessere and lead instructor of the Be.Serene Programme. On this meeting, she explains the concepts of Serene Leadership and Organisational Wellbeing, and offers an overview of the programme and courses before getting the team their individual course access.

What is the Be.Serene Badge?

Caring about the wellbeing of your team and taking action to improve the workplace environment isn’t just important to you and your existing team, so you can achieve improved results. It’s also important for candidates and customers.
By joining any of the Be.Serene Programme plans, we will present you with a badge to proudly place in your reception, display on your website and share on social media.

How is the Be.Serene Programme delivered?

All the elements from the Be.Serene 12 Values Programme are centralized in an online platform under individual logins for each employee, and can be fully delivered remotely, though there is an option for in-company meetings for an extra fee. Organisations also get a dedicated area within the platform for the Serenity Radar diagnostic, based on the Pulse Surveys, minutes and presentations from Leadership Meetings, action plans, reports and other downloadable resources.

What do I get in the Programme Report?

At the end of the programme, you will receive a detailed report with the outcomes, Pulse Surveys results, summary of actions and follow on recommendations.

Can I enroll only my leaders?

The Be.Serene Programme was developed with every employee in mind. We believe that leaders hugely benefit from having their teams going through the same journey, reflecting and learning about the 12 Values to understand that their actions and behaviours can also impact the workplace environment. It also makes everyone much more engaged and commited to new solutions and actions implemented. If you would like to enroll only some leaders in the programme, then learn more about the Be.Serene Group Journey.

What are the payment and cancellation terms?

These details are clarified during contracting. Contact us on for more information.

What if I have turnover and need less or additional licenses?

Your plan price will include a threshold of individual course licenses, so we can add or remove employees over the year as your team changes. If you let us know when anyone leaves your organisation, we can remove their access and allocate to new employees. In all cases, the licenses for new employees will be valid for the remainder of your business contract, but they will get access to all previous modules too.

Something we missed?

We get that our Programme is unique! So if you still have some questions e-mail us on or book a demo session so we can walk you through the whole thing :)

What if the Be.Serene Values are not the same as my company values?

The values we work through in the programme are core and universal human values that are important for serenity and assertiveness, which we believe are fundamental to build a thriving workplace where people and businesses succeed. On the onboarding session, we explain the difference between company values and the Be.Serene Values to your team, as they can both go hand in hand in building your company culture.

What's included in the Be.Serene Values Course modules?

Each value module has 6 lessons, which cover an introduction, personal assessment, affirmations and downloads, and reflection on how the value impacts the person, the team and leadership. They each take an average of 60-minutes to complete, split into bite-sized 15-minutes daily lessons. To see the detailed curriculum, see the Be.Serene Group Journey page.

How much does it cost?

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