In September

Unleashing the power of forgiveness

with Zoe Macaulay, Be.Serene Forgiveness Ambassador

The Ambassador Workshops are open to all leaders enrolled in the

Be.Serene 12 Values Journey - Advanced Course.

They share their expertise through exclusive workshops, deep diving on the Value of each month to further support and inspire you to achieve outstanding results. 

Join Zoe in this powerful workshop to learn how forgiveness begins with you, and the importance of acceptance and letting go to move forward without resentment or judgement.

Forgiveness frees up mental & emotional space to focus and create better working environments for yourself and others.

By learning to better manage your feelings when you feel you have made a mistake or let yourself or others down, and also when you feel others have let you down, is essential in the process to find serenity and become more assertive.

Zoe will also share simple breathing techniques that you can use to relieve stress, become more present in the moment and create a real sense of calm at work.

As a result of attending the workshop, you will learn:

  • How to reflect and get clarity

  • How to set clear boundaries 

  • Accepting responsibility

About Zoe Macaulay

Be.Serene Forgiveness Ambassador
Macfit founder

Six years ago, Zoe completely transformed her life through fitness and mindset and now helps others do the same.


The inspiration for change initially came from running a half marathon – which she never believed possible.


Zoe was able to turn her life around, to become a globally accredited Life Coach and creator of the ‘Macfit Method', offering a holistic approach to health and fitness. 

  • Zoe Macaulay
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