Serenity is the new workplace Superpower!

In this episode of The Mindful Business podcast, I had a great conversation with Laila Datoo, as we uncovered the magic of the Be.Serene Programme and discuss how I have brought concepts (often seen as intangible) as calmness and serenity into the workplace, helping businesses see how it impacts their people, quality and profits to create huge success.

We talk about:

- How the comment “it’s a good thing you seem so calm!” challenged me to bring well-being to work

- I answer the question “If the business was a person, what would it take for it to be happy, healthy and prosperous?

- Why finding joy and purpose at work is at the heart of workplace well-being

- How serenity can be found at work and how it’s not a fluffy concept but rooted in workplace culture and communication

- How some of the top athletes use serenity as their success super power

- How to build serenity into your workplace culture

- My top tip for being calm in the every day chaos of life

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