Trust is the foundation for great things to happen

Trust in relationships is the foundation that allows great things to happen. This includes the relationship we have with ourselves, our personal relationships, our family, friends, work colleagues, bosses and clients.

This all starts with looking in the mirror and considering do you truly trust the person who looks back at you. Is the person you see someone you and others can trust? Think about the degrees of trust and being the person who does as they say they will do, in a way that is perceived as being acceptable i.e. Being reliable and dependable, keeping the confidence of a friend or colleague, being authentic and credible in all that you do, and so the list goes on.

The fact is we all make mistakes and don’t always get the outcomes that we desire, this of course, is reality and true to being human.

Building trusting relationships creates a feel-good factor and allows amazing things to happen.

The key is to know what the right thing is. This can be guided by personal values and/or organisational values to guide us. Behaving in a way that is aligned and consistent with these values enables us to be reassured that we are doing the right thing, building confidence in ourselves and our relationships with others.

Decoding what we want to achieve and do, also makes us feel great. I do love ticking those tasks off my ‘to do’ list. Doing what we say we will do, for us and others, are the building blocks for long trusted relationships.

A number of years ago, I had been late by 10-15 minutes a couple of times when due to meet one particular friend. I’d arrive feeling stressed and flustered, feeling guilty for my delay, knowing this is unacceptable and dis-respectful. This left me thinking why I’m like this, when I’m structured and punctual at work? Having discussed this with my friend I decided a shift in mind-set is required -‘be on-time’. I soon appreciated the positive different dynamic this bought to our social time together. She noted my new punctuality and appreciated it. We had more quality time, without me reciting all the reasons for my lateness. Now I always strive to be on time, whilst realising that there are some circumstances when it’s tricky. There are times when I’m unavoidably delayed and I’m understanding when this is the case for others. The magic is to make being ‘on-time’ your modus operandi most of the time. Being a trusted friend or colleague, who turns up at the time agreed. It feels so much better, no more stress and flustered moments.

Trust is vital in all healthy relationships.

The only person who can make this happen is you. Make some positive changes aligned to your values, see the difference in how you feel about yourself and the outcomes in your life, with jobs done and perhaps most importantly enriched relationships with others.

If there is ‘one’ thing you can do to become more trustworthy or worthy of trust, what would it be?

Sally is the Trust Ambassador for the Be.Serene Programme.

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