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A new take on Organisational Wellbeing

We are passionate about helping people and organisations in Hospitality & Tourism become healthier, happier and more prosperous.

And with the right personal skills and business tools, we can all impact our environments, improving how we (and those around us!) feel at work, becoming a positive influence to achieve success - without the stress!

By nurturing a workplace environment and company culture where people can fulfill their potential and purpose, while also teaching leaders how to make the most from valuable management techniques and strategies, we help businesses reach their performance goals with harmony and consistency, for good.


The Hospitality Paradox

Our unique approach

Calmness is a superpower.

Top performers are able to remain calm under pressure.


But developing assertive attitudes and behaviors for improved performance requires more than good intentions and inner work. It takes concentrated effort and tactical action

Reaching both personal and organisational wellbeing requires the development of Emotional Intelligence Skills, as well as the understanding and consistent use of Planning and Processes tools

We help your organisation in both these areas.

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12 Values Programme

We take individuals and businesses on a journey to focus on strengthening core interpersonal skills and behaviours, to root positive values and habits in day to day operations. 

With our unique 12 Values System, you will learn how to move through everyday challenges towards goals with more ease, leading the way to build greater places to work in, becoming more successful and fulfilled.

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are an important part of every hospitality and tourism business, but there are new ways to communicate them to your team. 

We help you create a successful learning culture at work by developing your own bespoke platform with online courses based on your procedures, creating a more efficient and engaging learning experience for your team.

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Hotel Desk Check-In
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What's behind these smiles?

Wellbeing emerges from thoughts, actions, and experiences.

So guests seeking your hospitality will expect you to help with theirs; it’s at the core of what being hospitable means – making others feel comfortable and at home, providing a warm, kind and friendly environment.


Yet, for a genuine hospitality experience, the “feeling goodness” should happen both ways in the relationship between guests and hosts. 

Reality for many working in the industry, though, is that smiles can become more rehearsed, less authentic, and may hide a person – or a business – that is struggling.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Moreover, we believe it really shouldn't.

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A lifetime opportunity to reshape our industry for the better 

Many of us have been away from work, feeling anxious and alone for too long. We have all talked about the mental health crisis at work, and reflected on the importance of wellbeing for performance.

Now, as businesses start to reopen, there is a risk things will fall back into the old ways. But forward thinking leaders are faced with a unique opportunity to develop better ways to work, taking action now! 

The Hospitality & Tourism Industry has a invaluable role in everyone's wellbeing and recovery from COVID-19.

So let's return stronger, to welcome our clients again with a genuine smile and a serene mind.

"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm."


Publilius Syrus

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